you know that when the truth gets told that you can get what you want or you can just get old

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On the Run Tour

Official Tracklist For FOUR

  1. Steal My Girl
  2. Ready To Run
  3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  4. 18
  5. Girl Almighty 
  6. Fool’s Gold
  7. Night Changes
  8. No Control
  9. Fireproof
  10. Spaces
  11. Stockholm Syndrome
  12. Clouds

*Exclusive bonus tracks

  • (13) Change Your Ticket 
  • (14) Illusion 
  • (15) Once In A Lifetime
  • (16) Act My Age 


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this the realest post on this whole shit
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On the set of Steal My Girl.
"Half of me wants to stay right where I am, in this stressful place because it’s all that I know. There’s something comforting in daily routine and sameness. Like perhaps everything isn’t as bad as it appears, that maybe these things just take time to fix themselves. The other half wants me to leave and never come back, to forget everything about this place that I call home and settle somewhere else. Somewhere where no one knows me and I can live as I please without any questions or criticism."
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I want to do one in the middle, look at the lens, and go: ‘Haaa~’
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